How It Works

1. Cross Mark offers a free consultation to completely understand the details of your particular project. We gladly answer any questions about how we can ensure your product is delivered on time and up to—or exceeding—quality specifications.

2. Next, Cross Mark evaluates your order and matches it with the best suited overseas manufacturer. Due to years of experience, business travel and personal report, Cross Mark has built an extensive database with numerous reputable manufacturers overseas.  These partners are continually vetted through our office in Shanghai, China.

3. Under our clients direction, we will establish the parameters by which a production sample can be created for review.

4.  Once pre-production and production samples are reviewed and signed off on by our clients, we begin the bulk manufacturing process.  Our QC employees work hand in hand with factory QC to be sure the quality is as per the approved sample and consistently reproduced.

5.  When the order is complete, our freight forwarding department will expedite the shipment to the agreed upon port of entry; either U.S. port or any international destination.  We will then effect the customs clearance process and make final delivery to your warehouse location.